Bio Aquaculture


The fish farming industry presents tremendous potential. According to research, by the year 2030, aquaculture will account for more than 50% of all fisheries products consumed in the world.

Industrialized aquaculture will be the thrust of this development, which includes sea & fresh water farming. High value and high quality species of fish, prawn, crab and other molusca will be reared to ensure high quality and maximize returns.

Moving forward, for aquaculture to grow sustainably it will require better management of disease and biosecurity, improved feeds, a further reduction in waste whilst continuing to improve efficiency, the elimination of seafood fraud and the improvement of relationships with environmental groups.


Bio-Aquaculture activity is led by BD Aquaculture Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Bio Desaru Sdn Bhd focusing on investor aquaculture project and own activity.

Bio-Security and environment control measures will also be adopted to ensure that the fish produce is free of pollutants, particularly mercury.


1. Mud Crab and Fish Hatchery, Nursery & Grow-out Farm
2. Fish Farming using Malaysia RAS2020 System
3. White Shrimp Hatchery
4. Triploid Oyster Hatchery and Grow Out Farm
5. Integrated Shrimp Farm
6. Hybrid Grouper Farm


BD Agri Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary company of Bio Desaru Sdn Bhd which conduct business activities focusing on Bio-Agriculture Sectors at Bio Desaru Organic Food Valley of Kota Tinggi, Johor by conducting business with 9 investment companies engaged in Bio-Agriculture activities with project area covering an area of 1,623.5 acres from 2009 to present.

1. Development of Plant Buffer Zone includes activities:
a. Management or operation, and the maintenance of existing plants that are ready to be planted and in nurseries for the preparation of trees undergoes the maturation process and harvested processes.
b. Planning, planting and project expansion based on Bio Desaru development planning
c. Commercialization of revenue includes planning, implementation, marketing and yield harvested activity with targeted revenue.
i. Development of related products of Gaharu in processing and development of inoculant technology.
ii. Project management services through the coordination of operations and management of agricultural projects undertaken by investors in Bio Desaru

1. Matag Coconut Plantation
2. Herbs Plantation
3. Pitaya Plantation
4. Pepper Plantation
5. Pandan Coconut Plantation
6. Aloe Vera Plantation
7. Pandan Coconut and Banana Plantation

Who are we?


• Bio Desaru Sdn Bhd (BDSB) was established in 19th June 2008, as an anchor company of J-Biotech Food Programme Cluster.

• Responsible development as core business which includes all the bio-agriculture, bio-aquaculture, bio-livestock and bio-tourism projects specifically.

• Developing 8,847.3 acres of Bio Desaru-The Organic Food Valley into a fully integrated embracing Ag-Bio food production centre.

• To establish a reliable, safe and halal food production hub in Johor.

• Incorporate innovative and practical farming concepts, the introduction of “Bio-Security and safety measures” all over the farm lands and a high input of the “Lab to Market’ farming strategies.


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