Bio Aquaculture


The fish farming industry presents tremendous potential. According to research, by the year 2030, aquaculture will account for more than 50% of all fisheries products consumed in the world.

Industrialized aquaculture and algaeculture will be the thrust of this development, which includes sea & fresh water farming. High value and high quality species of fish, prawn, lobster and ornamental fish will be reared to ensure high quality and maximize returns.

Aquaculture failed in many instances because of soil content and water quality. Water quality control will thus be one of the main focuses in this area to ensure success through the use of modern techniques.

Fish Farming


Seizing the golden opportunity Bio Desaru offers, a local group with foreign alliance and technology has undertaken to set up a fish farm venture in the food valley. It will also set up a processing plant and an R&D facility to carry out research on marine fish breeding.

The husbandry of fish will be carried out in sea and fresh water under controlled environments, using high technology system and quality fish species for high yield and quality produce. Computers will be used to detect changes in the temperature, salinity, ammonia level and turbidity as well as to take automatic corrective measures to ensure optimum results.

Bio-Security and environment control measures will also be adopted to ensure that the fish produce is free of pollutants, particularly mercury.


Fish Species & Breeding

The farm will source for quality fish brood stock and fish fry in the initial stage to subsequently breed and supply its own brook stock and fish fry for local and overseas markets. Quality fish food will be used to produce high yield and high nutrient Grow-out fish.

Quality species such as King Grouper, Tiger Grouper, Leopard Coral Grouper and Speckled Blue Grouper will be bred, with future plans to farm other exotic species such as Snubnose Pompano, Greater yellow tail, Giant Maori Wrasse, China Fir Spot and King Snapper.

Who are we?


• Bio Desaru Sdn Bhd (BDSB) was established in 19th June 2008, as an anchor company of J-Biotech Food Programme Cluster.

• Responsible development as core business which includes all the bio-agriculture, bio-aquaculture, bio-livestock and bio-tourism projects specifically.

• Developing 8,847.3 acres of Bio Desaru-The Organic Food Valley into a fully integrated embracing Ag-Bio food production centre.

• To establish a reliable, safe and halal food production hub in Johor.

• Incorporate innovative and practical farming concepts, the introduction of “Bio-Security and safety measures” all over the farm lands and a high input of the “Lab to Market’ farming strategies.


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