Bio Livestock

The commercial activities will cover dairy farm, goats, cattle, swiftlets and poultry farming. Selective breeding will be practiced to ensure that only superior species are reared.

Intensive Feedlot Farming system will be used to produce high yield and value added produce. EM technology will also be extensively used in livestock farming to boost yield and quality as well as to promote virus and disease free livestock. 

Solid waste will be controlled to achieve self-sustainability through advanced recycling processes.

Dairy Farm

An established International Dairy Farm Corporation has undertaken to carry out a hi-tech, commercial, integrated industrial Dairy Farm Project on 1,000 acres of land in Bio Desaru.

The basic theme of this project is to provide pure biological, sterile milk straight from animals' udders into consumers' pots, free from contamination and adulteration.

It will be an environmentally sound, eco-friendly project zero-discharge and zero no waste industry. Every input, output and waste of the farm right from fodder, straw-hay to milk, manure and biogas shall be converted into value-added products.

Cattle & Fodder Species

The project will focus on the farming of high-yielding purebred exotic cows. Selection of the breed will be based on authentic pedigree, with performance guarantee and all relevant health certificates provided.

The farm shall ensure that only absolutely pure, wholesome supreme quality milk and milk products are produced. The total quality of milk produced shall be tested, authenticated & certified by renowned third party inspection agencies regularly.

Feeding Policy

The farm will adopt Zero Grazing Policy and implement the Total Mixed Ration (TMR) Feeding System where animals are fed their total required feed ration in the cattle sheds.

In this modern feed management system, animal feed and manure handling will be fully automated. The possible odour and air-pollution from cow manure is completely curtailed.

Milking Parlors & Processing Plant

The farm will have a fully automated Milking Parlors with an on-line chilling system to preserve the high quality of raw milk. It will also house a modern processing plant, with a cold storage and "farm to fridge" delivery system to maintain the cold chain.

In its extension activities, it plans to set up an Advanced Veterinary Diagnostic Clinic, an Agricultural Analytical Laboratory, an Exotic Grasses/Fodders nursery and an Integrated Training Center/University of Dairy Farming.

mso-bidi-language:AR-SA'>The entire development project will be self-sustainable with the greenhouses being powered by recycled organic waste bio gasifiers.

Who are we?


• Bio Desaru Sdn Bhd (BDSB) was established in 19th June 2008, as an anchor company of J-Biotech Food Programme Cluster.

• Responsible development as core business which includes all the bio-agriculture, bio-aquaculture, bio-livestock and bio-tourism projects specifically.

• Developing 8,847.3 acres of Bio Desaru-The Organic Food Valley into a fully integrated embracing Ag-Bio food production centre.

• To establish a reliable, safe and halal food production hub in Johor.

• Incorporate innovative and practical farming concepts, the introduction of “Bio-Security and safety measures” all over the farm lands and a high input of the “Lab to Market’ farming strategies.


 #01&02-25, Blok 7, Danga Bay, Jalan Skudai, 80200 Johor Bahru, Johor Darul Takzim, Malaysia.

 Tel: +607.238.8910

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