Brand Bio Desaru

The name of Bio Desaru is chosen for the food valley, to ride on the existing strength of popular Desaru which is a prominent brand by itself, coupled with the fact that it is being Biotech driven.

Modern biotechnology presents a holistic solution to a safe, healthy, wholesome way of life, a step towards future human evolution. With the employment of state-of-the-art biotechnology and the protection of Bio-Security, this food producing hub will be a environmental friendly disease-free zone; its agricultural produce will represent the finest quality of food available.

Mindful of the importance of environmental conservation, Bio Desaru is adopting the latest Effective Micro-Organisms solution to ensure that the ecological system remains intact. The extensive use of this technology makes it possible to create zero-waste, pollution-free, eco-friendly and safe environment.

Compliance and adherence to International Standards and Practice will be a requirement for participation in Bio Desaru in order to ensure its supreme quality and standards are maintained at all times.



Genetic diversity conservation includes embryo transfer technique, tissue culture and chromosome transfer. It is use to retain the evolutionary potential of a species according to the following six general principles:

1. Keeping genotype and phenotype of raising animals. 
2. Eschewing mating of skin animals.
3. Keeping genetic diversity of raising animals.
4. Not developing raising animals domestically.
5. Determining conservation units (ESU) by genetic data
6. Drawing up measures according to financial condition, gene flow and genetic diversity among different populations.

Technologies such as tissue culture can maintain genotypes unaltered for a long time, providing economic means of suspending and change in gene frequency.


Beneficial Microbes (BMO)

Proven friendly Beneficial Microbes solutions will be extensive employed in Bio Desaru to create a biologically and physically safe environment. It is the use of friendly microbes to replace bad microbes in creating a biologically safe and healthy condition. This technology has proven that prolonged exposure to such an environment can extend human life and increase our body immunity to harmful diseases.

Solid Waste will be recycled using this technology to make compost fertilizer. It will also be used in fresh water treatment for irrigation and farming purposes, as well as in soil treatment to identify soil characteristic and conditions.

The recycling of various waste and resources will make self-sustainability a prominent feature in the area. With the extensive use of Beneficial Microbes solutions, the ecological system will remain intact.


Ecological Environment

Biotechnology is an eco-friendly approach. It is the ideal solution in conserving the ecological system, providing a clean, safe, pest and disease free, pollution and contamination free environment, conducive to the well-being of humans and the indigenous habitats.

The existence of a wetland in Bio Desaru is an added advantage, as wetland is nature's equivalent to the human kidney.It is the 'kidney' of the whole eco-system, purifying and slowing the flow of water, thus controlling flood water and pollutants



Bio-Security will be an integral part of Bio Desaru to keep the entire food valley infection-free and to prevent the outbreak of disease and plague. It will be strictly implemented to ensure food safety and the health of animals, aquatic and land and plants to ensure the highest quality and value of all farm produce. This concept will make the organic food valley stand out as the only food zone in this region with such safety feature.

Bio-Security is a strategic and integrated approach that draws together the regulatory frameworks for risk management across the sectors of food safety, as well as the quality and health of animal, aquatic life and plants. The approach aims to manage biological risk in all sectors while protecting the environment and contributing to its sustainability.

Bio-Security checkpoints, Buffer Zone, Quarantine Zone will be established in the area. Farm Audits will be carried out on a periodic basis. 

The bio security system does not only protect the farm produce it also protects the investors interest.


Standard Operating Procedures

Guidelines and good practices in line with international standards will be formulated and implemented by the management of Bio Desaru to ensure that it gains international status.

A Handbook will be provided to investors for their understanding and compliance. Standard Operation Layout will be enforced on all participating farming establishments to ensure uniformity and standard.


International Standards & Practice

Compliance to International organic farming standards and practices will be a compulsory requirement of Bio Desaru. World class food safety standards with guidelines for Bio-Security from the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), standards organic farm practices from the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) and Sijil Organic Malaysia (SOM), as well as the Halal food guidelines from JAKIM will be adhered to.

International certifications for its farming practice and various produce will be initiated.


Farm Produce

An effective Control system will be put in place to ensure the agricultural produce of Bio Desaru maintains its supreme quality standard.

All farm produce will be organically grown using the most advanced biotech farming methods, without the application of chemical fertilizers and enhancers. All farm produce will be free of disease and contamination, completely safe for human consumption.

A comprehensive cold storage and distribution system will be developed to maintain the optimum quality through the cold chain.


 The Brand Name

All farm produce from this organic food valley will be under one exclusive brand name that is Bio Desaru.

Packaging for all farm produce will be centralized and standardized. Concerted promotion, sales and marketing campaign will be launched to create the highest awareness of it products amongst consumers, both local and abroad. A distribution network will be established.

Ultimately, food produce from Bio Desaru will gain regional and international acceptance and recognition as the absolute symbol of value, quality and safety. 


Who are we?


• Bio Desaru Sdn Bhd (BDSB) was established in 19th June 2008, as an anchor company of J-Biotech Food Programme Cluster.

• Responsible development as core business which includes all the bio-agriculture, bio-aquaculture, bio-livestock and bio-tourism projects specifically.

• Developing 8,847.3 acres of Bio Desaru-The Organic Food Valley into a fully integrated embracing Ag-Bio food production centre.

• To establish a reliable, safe and halal food production hub in Johor.

• Incorporate innovative and practical farming concepts, the introduction of “Bio-Security and safety measures” all over the farm lands and a high input of the “Lab to Market’ farming strategies.


 #01&02-25, Blok 7, Danga Bay, Jalan Skudai, 80200 Johor Bahru, Johor Darul Takzim, Malaysia.

 Tel: +607.238.8910

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