Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

CEO's Speech

‘Selamat Datang’ and Welcome to the Bio Desaru website,

We welcome all distinguished investors, researchers, collaborators, to the Bio Desaru-Johor Organic Food Valley website.

Thank you for your interest in visiting the Bio Desaru website. This website is designed to introduce and promote the effort of the Johor State Government in developing this organic food hub project in Desaru to interested companies, entrepreneurs and individuals.

As a subsidiary of J-Biotech Holdings Sdn Bhd, Bio Desaru Sdn. Bhd. (Bio Desaru) has the exciting challenge and mandate to identify and attract investors to work with Bio Desaru to develop relevant food production activities within the 9000 acres of farm land in Desaru, Kota Tinggi. This project is known as “Bio Desaru-The Organic Food Valley”.

Bio Desaru provides investors with a new model for integrated food production with Agriculture, Aquaculture, Livestock and Tourism activities with a particular focus on operationalizing bio-security system to ensure an integrated food production within Bio Desaru is safe, sustainable and viable.

Bio Desaru is the first-of-its-kind integrated organic food production hub model in Asia. The project was officially launched on 28th November 2008. The company has since managed to attract more than 30 investors to participate in this integrated food production hub project.

The Johor State Government has identified agriculture biotechnology (Agbio) as a key economic driver that will help develop Johor’s economy in the near future. With Johor’s excellent infrastructure, transportation and logistics, availability of skilled labour, arable land, political stability, strong economic fundamentals, skilled labour and other services supporting the investments, Johor is primed to become a partner for Agbio investments.

Bio Desaru intends to establish its own brand name and develop a strong position in the local and overseas organic food markets. With this in mind, we will develop a One-Stop-Centre for branding, processing, packaging centre and marketing of Johor’s perishable items. This facility is Johor’s very own Regional Marketing Clearing House (RMCH) and will be the home to various food and perishable items downstream manufacturing activities including storage, logistics and other support services to enable products to be trade and marketed locally, regionally and internationally. The RMCH’s proximity to Senai International Airport and the seaports in Johor is a strong advantage to locate your operations in Johor.

The immediate targeted markets for Bio Desaru’s produce will include Malaysia, Singapore, South East Asia, Australia and the Middle East. The extended markets for our products, however, would extend beyond to other international destinations.

Bio Desaru aims to be a distinctive food production hub utilizing biotechnology products and systems, whilst implementing bio-security, to produce the finest quality organic food available.

We promote creativity and innovation; a company that is committed to building a knowledge society with biotechnology as a tool to help affect positive change in the way we produce food and other products.

Thank you.


Asman Shah Bin Abd Rahman

Chief Executive Officer

Bio Desaru Sdn Bhd

Who are we?


• Bio Desaru Sdn Bhd (BDSB) was established in 19th June 2008, as an anchor company of J-Biotech Food Programme Cluster.

• Responsible development as core business which includes all the bio-agriculture, bio-aquaculture, bio-livestock and bio-tourism projects specifically.

• Developing 8,847.3 acres of Bio Desaru-The Organic Food Valley into a fully integrated embracing Ag-Bio food production centre.

• To establish a reliable, safe and halal food production hub in Johor.

• Incorporate innovative and practical farming concepts, the introduction of “Bio-Security and safety measures” all over the farm lands and a high input of the “Lab to Market’ farming strategies.


 #01&02-25, Blok 7, Danga Bay, Jalan Skudai, 80200 Johor Bahru, Johor Darul Takzim, Malaysia.

 Tel: +607.238.8910

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